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As an one of leading company in insulation industry, Akustifoam produces non-flammable acoustic foams and various insulation products and converts all kinds of foam according to customer needs and application area.

 About Us    



Akustifoam which has an innovative spirit for continuous improvement, prioritizes the customer satisfaction and manufactures the products according to its principled quality policy.

In this context, Akustifoam has ISO 9001-2015 Quality Management Certificate, IATF 16949 certificate and TS EN 13501 Non flammable certificate and Class 0 Non flammable certificate for polyurethane based foams.



Akustifoam is using its’ technological knowhow and market expertise for developing new products and solving problems according to customer needs in various sectors such as Automotive, construction, Gen-Set, Air Compressor, Marine and house hold industry.


Sectoral Information

We supply suitable solutions for “sound, heat, air, water, dust and vibration” insulation required by the automotive industry.

Increasing the expected comfort in passenger and city buses besides passenger cars; operators demands to work in a healthy environment in Commercial Vehicles, Tractors and Construction Machinery cause the required insulation to increase continuously in the sector.

It is essential to take measures against water, air and dust, as well as heat & sound insulation for vehicles, especially the engine room, sidewall & ceiling. In addition, vibration dampers should be used due to continuous movement.

We evaluate RFQs according to the specified technical specs, offer all the documents requested with our team in a short time, and conduct sample studies.                      

We offer the right expected heat and sound insulation products, tapes, gaskets and filters in the desired shape in accordance with the end use.

Heating Boiler,  Air Conditioner, Refrigerator, Washing Machine, Dishwasher, Vacuum Cleaner etc. We process the desired insulations in all of the indispensable white appliances and small home appliances in accordance with the desired shape, if necessary, we forward our own solution suggestions.

Akustifoam provides services in many different fields with the products that it produces in the field of industrial insulation.

we produce non flammable acoustic foam “Akusticell” that in order to keep both noise and vibration at a low level within the generator cabin and compressor cabin.

due to its open porous structure, it provides high performance sound absorption and it is very safe for interior insulation thanks to its Class 0 (non-flammable) feature.

You are at the right place for sound and heat insulation materials and accessories for ventilation ducts and similar insulation products in the construction industry.

We are at your service with Rubber, Polyethylene pipe and sheet insulation, Liquid Adhesive, Tape (EVA, EPDM, PE, etc.) that you need in Heating Cooling Ventilation.

In the construction sector, we have different solutions for sound insulation both for  and between rooms.

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